Treat yourself and your loved ones to our authentic cuisine, cozy atmosphere, and excellent service. We take small and large group reservations, please let us know how we can accommodate your wishes.

Our menu includes a variety of items, each representing a firework of culinary fantasy. The main dishes are prepared with only the highest quality meat, and our homemade "Manti" is a staple that has turned first-time customers into regular visitors. Stop in for our uniquely spiced salads or famous Farida platter.

Our marvelous "Authentic Uzbek Plov" (with mix of lamb and beef meat, rice, carrots, and chickpeas), "Umka Pies", "Shurpa"( beef broth with vegetables) or "Lagman" (diced meat, vegetables and hand pulled noodles). Warm up with our imported freshly brewed green tea.